Dorchester & West Dorset 100 Club

The Dorchester & West Dorset 100 Club offers you the change to win a Cash prize every month for an annual payment equating to just £1 per month. With better odds of winning and a lower cost of participation this has to be a lot more fun than the National Lottery, so please pass the word to friends, relatives and hangers on!

Just one of the luxury items that may be on the shopping list of this months lucky winner  

All you need to do to win one of these life changing cash prizes is read the terms and conditions at the bottom of this page and contact Jen Wraight

December 2019 Winners
1stBrian Young£20
2ndBarry Thomas£14
3rdRobin Knight£10

November 2019 Winners
1stDave Wraight£10
2ndPippa Davis£7
3rdJohn Townson£5

October 2019 Winners
1stAnne Snape£10
2ndPeter Cresswell£7
3rdRobin Knight£5

September 2019 Winners
1stJen Wraight£10
2ndJohn Townson£7
3rdDave Wraight£5

August 2019 Winners
1stDebbie Thomas£15
2ndJen Wraight£7
3rdCharles Davis£5

July 2019 Winners
1stEmma Wellman£30
2ndValerie Jepps£14
3rdAnna Krasinski£10

June 2019 Winners
1stJill Cattermole£15
2ndEmma Wellman£7
3rdDave Wraight£5

May 2019 Winners
1stBrian Burton£15
2ndValerie Jepps£7
3rdBarry Thomas£5

April 2019 Winners
1stJill Cattermole£15
2ndKeith Wraight£7
3rdAnna Krasinski£5

March 2019 Winners
1stPaul Hollick£15
2ndStephen Thompson£7
3rdPippa Davis£5

February 2019 Winners
1stAnne Snape£15
2ndMasie Fowler£7
3rdPeter Cresswell£5

January 2019 Winners
1stSimon Wraight£15
2ndAndrew Hall£7
3rdJoy Edwards£5

December 2018 Winners
1stNicky Bower£30
2ndJohn Dally£14
3rdAlison Brightwell£10

November 2018 Winners
1stRuth Young£15
2ndAnna Krasinski£7
3rdMark Wellman£5

October 2018 Winners
1stPaul Hollick£15
2ndKevin  Payne£7
3rdRobin Knight£5

September 2018 Winners ~ Drawn at the District AGM
1stJoy Edwards (22)£15
2ndStephen Thompson (10)£7
3rdJohn Dalley (45)£5

 August 2018 Winners
1stAnne Snape£15
2ndDave Wraight£7
3rdStephen Thompson£5

 July 2018 Winners ~ Drawn at the District Executive meeting
1stBrian Burton (64)£30
2ndMelanie Harvey (14)£14
3rdBrian Young (57)£10
June 2018 Winners ~ Drawn at the County AGM
1stBrian Young (69)£15
2ndPippa Davis (24)£10
3rdDave Wraight (36)£5
May 2018 Winners ~ Drawn at Crossways Youth Centre
1stJoy Edwards (63)£15
2ndCharles Davis (33)£10
3rdDebs Thomas (20)£5

April 2018 Winners ~ Drawn at the District Executive meeting
1stRobin Musson (53)£15
2ndPeter Cresswell (28)£10
3rdGill Cattermole (22)£5

March 2018 Winners ~ Drawn at the Cubs Scrapheap Challenge
1stEric Snape (32)£15
2ndRuth Young (68)£10
3rdPippa Davis (2)£5

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28 Mar 2016, 10:13