SCOUT POST - December 2021

Good News - We are now delivering to more places than ever.

You can find all the Delivery Areas and the Post Boxes on our locations page.

Every year we get some cards that we just cant deliver which makes us all very sad so please have a quick look to see if there are any you recognise.

Deliverers - If you have any mis-sorts or undeliverable cards can you please drop them in the basket in the front bar of the Colliton Club or phone Barry on 01305 852314

Service Update

The final tally is in, we have delivered over 25,000 cards this year. If your card has not arrived yet it may be one of the 22 with an address we were unable to trace; or, it may be one of the 150 or so "out of area" cards; these will turn up at their destinations over the next couple of weeks.

We would also like to apologise for the 50 or so that found there way into the Royal Mail system and incurred a £2 delivery fee, if you had one of these please let us know so we can re-imburse you.

It's a big thank you to all our customers and our volunteers, the money raised should keep us in kayaks for another year. Have a great Xmas one and all!

Total cards delivered in 2021: 25,606

Going Green

We distribute up to 27,000 leaflets a year for Scoutpost, while we have reduced the size of the leaflets by 50% and minimised the journeys we make by car to deliver your post, we would like to "Go Greener" by reducing the number of leaflets we print. If you could spare 2 minutes of your time to fill in our form it will help us to see where effective changes can be made.

Thank you for your help

We had a massive response following our request for help on social media and on our yellow leaflets, we now have lots of lovely volunteers who will be sorting and delivering your cards over the next two weeks.

The money we raise has always directly supported Scouting activities over a wide area and promotes the kind of positive citizenship we all want to see in the next generation as well as providing the skills that will serve our youngsters well for a lifetime. We would like to extend our thanks to all those who support our post service, year in year out.

Thank you ZeroC

ZeroC have kindly provided the office space we needed for our Dorchester Post Office at Queen Mother Square, Poundbury