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Scout Post Communications & Marketing

Role Description (SP2)

Main requirement is October to January and a day in the summer.

Ensure that all information and promotional material is disseminated on-time, report to Scout Post Co-ordinator. 
Documentation and support will be provided for this role.
Liaise with the Assistant District Commissioner Communications and Media.
Liaise with radio, press and local organisations to promote the service.
Arrange for the design and production of the Scout Post Flyers.
Liaise with Groups to arrange delivery of Flyers to coincide with the delivery of Parish Magazines where appropriate.
Sell advertising space on flyers to local businesses and organisations; notify the District treasurer for invoicing. 
Arrange for a thank-you event for the volunteers in the New Year. 
Liaise with the “Scout Stamps Collectors Club” and arrange for their “First Day Covers” to be sent to them.
Arrange thank-you cards to be sent to volunteers on behalf of the District.
Arrange thank-you cards for advertisers on behalf of the District.

e-mail to apply or for more information.