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Xmas Post Vacancies

Scout Post has been established for around 30 years in the Dorchester area and has recently been extended to the Bridport area.
The service operates from the 4th December until the 19th of December every year. In December 2018 the service delivered around 50,000 cards. 

The service is w
ell regarded by the public and the volunteers many of whom have been volunteering for a number of years. Preparatory work for the service begins in October.

For more information see our Scout Post Page.

Due to the successful expansion of the service it has been necessary to review the roles resulting in a number of vacancies. None of these vacancies require working with young people and the roles, outlined below, are flexible. A post holder may hold more than one role.

All volunteers will have the option to take part in social events and/or the wider activities of Scouting dependent on valid DBS checks.

DWD Scout Post Co-ordinator - Role Description SP1
Responsible for the smooth operation of the service as a whole; support and advice form the existing post holder will be provided.

Scout Post Communications & Marketing - Role Description SP2
Ensure that all information and promotional material is disseminated on-time, report to Scout Post Co-ordinator, documentation and support will be provided for this role.

Sorting Office Managers (2 positions: Bridport and Dorchester) - Role Description SP3
Oversee the work of the Round Mangers and Sorters to ensure the smooth running of the District’s sorting offices in Bridport and Dorchester.

Scout Post Round Managers (6 Distribution Points: 4 Dorchester, 2 Bridport) - Role Description SP4
Manage the movement of post between the Collection Boxes, Sorting Offices and Deliverers.

Scout Post Delivery Staff (60+ Rounds: 50 Dorchester, 12 Bridport) - Role Description SP5
Ensure the timely delivery of post, and flyers where appropriate to the local area. 

Scout Post Sorters (Dorchester & Bridport) - Role Description SP6
There are normally sorts, lasting around 2 hours, every other day from the 4th to 19th December. Sorters can participate in some or all of the sessions 

e-mail to apply or for more information.

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